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General Tarot Reading

. Duration:30 mins·. Price:$150

Extended General Reading

. Duration:1 hr·. Price:$300

A Right Quick Reading

. Duration:15 mins·. Price:$75

Prosperity and Abundance Oil

. Duration:5 mins·. Price:$20

Love and Attraction Oil

. Duration:5 mins·. Price:$20


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9 reviews
  • Billie H.·

    Courtney did a one question read on me a few years ago and was so on point I had to order another reading for a current situation. She doesn’t always tell you what you wanna hear but she definitely tells you what you need to hear! And baby!!!!! I needed to hear what she had to say. From someone who has had readings from multiple tarot readers, I can say with certainty that Courtney is the real deal!

  • TH·

    Predictions always on point, gifted! Thank you, Courtney!

  • Michelle·

    Courtney is absolutely AMAZING and truly gifted at what she does! She is ALWAYS on point and I get the clarification and confirmation I need at the right time. Book with her, you won’t regret it!

  • VLW·

    Courtney is the real deal! Her readings are intuitive and genuine, and she really helps you see in a new light & perspective and/or validate your own predictions & feelings. I felt very comfortable and connected 🌞 Courtney has a true gift!

  • Brandi·

    This was my first reading and it was everything I needed and more. I was hesitant at first but was so happy after everything was done. I feel lighter and more confident.

  • Ze·

    She never misses a beat. The most grateful I've ever been for anyone in my life. Definitely a being to hold dearly ❤️

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